Strategy Implementation simplified to the max




80% of growth initiatives underestimate the people side. Less than 5% of those affected by growth strategies can explain the strategy. Most growth initiatives fail to build momentum within 90 days.

 Inside-out balance

Inside-out balance

The growth we see requires a root system we don't see. Outside growth demands a parallel inside growth.



Companies can only grow to the extend people grow.



Trust is the one thing that makes or breaks everything.



Nature has limitless growth strategies.


  • Facilitation

    We create an atmosphere of trust between key stakeholders.

  • Coaching

    Accelerate growth.

  • Strategy & Implementation

    We do classical strategy consulting using a unique implementation process.

  • Key Note Speakers

    Build momentum.

Analysis and Research

  • Value chain analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Productivity measurements
  • Innovation rates
  • Costumer satisfaction survey
  • Conjoint measurement
  • Market needs, size, trends
  • Culture audit
  • 360 project profile
  • Implementation monitoring
  • Brand recognition
  • Personality test
  • Brand Image
  • Customer observations
  • Mystery survey
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Multidimensional scaling
  • Price Analysis


Value Add Model

We add value by reducing complexity to the max and integrating the core elements needed for successful strategic initiatives. Keeping the elements in balance is on-going and fascination.

See Do Grow

Growth is the result of see and do. Our method establishes a common see and engages people in execution.

Stakeholder Engagement

Early engagement of the right stakeholders is crucial to strategic initiatives. Our method involves key stakeholders in the ValueAdd model from the beginning.

90 Day commitment

We commit to momentum within 90 days. Contributions are based on a combination of initiatives, priorities and individual strengths.

Engagement Roadmap

The ValueAdd Engagement Roadmap ensures a well structured and lean process for growth


Simplified approach

Simplified approach

Our approach reduces strategy development and implementation to essential points. Managers and stakeholders build trust and increase execution power. Managers align their stakeholders behind a strategy they both trust and execute.

Our facilitators

Our facilitators

Our facilitators exclusively choose the projects they have interest and passion for. Therefore, we are accountable for our results, which translates into a unique commitment and energy for your strategic initiatives.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Our expertise is linking global strategies with people at all levels and locations.

Your Managers

Your Managers

Your managers lead the initiative real-time. A "learn-by-doing" approach eliminates expensive and time consuming training. Our facilitation support ensures results are archieved.

Your Results

Your Results

Your results are guaranteed with minimal risk. 50% of your investment is based on results. Our 90 day execution approach ensures short-term success while motivating people for long-term objectives.



A global brand: Strategy and Implementation simpified to the max.


Enabling managers to add value in the strategy development and implementation process.


Grow personally and professionally.

Freedom to chose our contributions and be accountable for our results.

Fun atmosphere where being yourself is respected and valued.

Client experience

Siemens • Guess • HP • Buena Vista • Walt Disney • Volkswagen AG Coin • Cilag AG • Contilia • Deutsche Postbank • Bertelsmann Stiftung • Heidelberger Druckmaschinen • FIA Tarkett • AMAG • Kantonsspital Frauenfeld • Kontonsspital Baden • MSSG • IVECO • Heidelberger Kraftanlagen • Raifaisen Banken • Stinnes • HRG • SFS Stadler AG • Harms Toyota • Hilti • Fischer Verlag • Kuehne & Nagel Kunz Gruppe • SASSBA Spa • Winterthur Versicherung • ALD leasing • Mitsubishi Motors sales Nederland B.V • Sauber Petronas • Metzeler Heidelberg Cement • Ford • Manor Hornschuch • BDK Bank • Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe • National Versicherung • Crown packaging • JF Shea • ehapa Verlag • SKF J&J • Bell Canada • Power and Systems

About Justin

About Justin


"When it comes to implementing strategy, the days of blind-trust are history. If I do not see, I will not do."

Justin Tomlinson is co-founder and CEO of the ValueAdd group. He has guided the implementation of strategic initiatives for several of the world's leading companies.

He is an expert in engaging stakeholders and facilitating trust in global, cross-functional implementations. His rare combination of business acumen and facilitation style make him a highly sought after advisor.

Partners & careers

We are looking for partners and team members who are interested to joun our goals, our approach and want to grow with us.

We offer great teamwork, a highly challenging and supportive surrounding, and structures that allow maximum freedom and relative compensation.




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